Tim O’Sullivan grew up in Arizona  making records in his friends' living rooms.

In 2010 he moved to Los Angeles to work at Capitol Studios.  After a few years of working with and learning from engineers and producers such as Niko Bolas, Eric Valentine, and Jon Brion, Tim went freelance. In 2016 Tim came out to Brooklyn for a project, fell in love with the city and has been there making records ever since.

Artists Tim has worked with include: Karen O, N.A.S.A., Derrick Green (of Sepultura), Weird Radicals, Anderson Paak, RZA, American Darlings, The California Feetwarmers, Scientist, KRS-One, DMX, Lizzo, K-Flay, Money Mark (of the Beastie Boys), Childish Gambino,  and James Murphy.

Tim also runs O’Sullivan Audio, a recording studio installation, integration and audio wiring service.

O'Sullivan Audio clients include Vox Recording Studios (Woody Jackson), Barefoot Recording (Eric Valentine), Horse Latitudes (Robby Krieger and Micheal Dumas), and most recently United Recording’s new archive room http://www.unitedrecordingstudios.com/archiving

To contact Tim, email him at tim.osullivan5@gmail.com

Mixing, Engineering, Mastering and Sound Design reels are below.